Bike Repair Workshop with Off Beat Bikes


We had our first bike repair workshop at Off Beat Bikes on Tuesday the 13th June. The course filled up very quickly, resulting in a wait list! On the day we had 11 participants take part who learnt how to do a basic check, change an inner tube and how to clean their bikes. We had a lot of good feedback, everyone would recommend the course to a friend and everyone said the course had increased their confidence to fix their bike. Due to the high demand we are planning to run another workshop at Off Beat Bikes and go to other areas of Lochaber with Nevis Cycles. The workshop is part of our Climate Challenge Fund project to help people make their bikes last longer and use their bikes more. We would like to thank the staff of Off Beat Bikes for providing us with an excellent repair workshop and look forward to working with them again on Thursday the 10th of August at our fully booked bike repair class.


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