Membership Promo (400x236)As a LEG member you will receive a regular e-newsletter to your nominated e-mail address and be offered priority booking for the popular series of LEG events and training sessions that we offer.

Our e-newsletter helps to keep you up-to-date with events going on and training days available in the area, as well as job opportunities for environmentally minded people. We pull this information from a wide variety of sources and try to cherry-pick what we think our members will be most interested in.

The membership year runs from 1st June to 30th May the following year.  The subscription for the 2016/17 year is £12.50 and is payable by the clickable squares below.  Should you prefer to sign a paper version, please e-mail us on

We greatly appreciate the support of our members and it is owing to this support that we are able to continue to operate, we really can’t thank you enough!