Project Activities


Here is quick round up of what the current CCF project has achieved. There will be events organised throughout the year that you can participate in.

Bike Repair Workshop


We had our first bike repair workshop at Off Beat Bikes on Tuesday the 13th June. The course filled up very quickly, resulting in a wait list! On the day we had 11 participants take part who learnt how to do a basic check, change an inner tube and how to clean their bikes. We had a lot of good feedback, everyone would recommend the course to a friend and everyone said the course had increased their confidence to fix their bike. Due to the high demand we are planning to run another workshop at Off Beat Bikes and go to other areas of Lochaber with Nevis Cycles. The workshop is part of our Climate Challenge Fund project to help people make their bikes last longer and use their bikes more. We would like to thank the staff of Off Beat Bikes for providing us with an excellent repair workshop.


Fuel Efficient Driver Training


On Thursday the 22nd of June 6 participants took part in fuel efficient driver training organised by Lochaber Environmental Group. The 6 participants all regularly drive a variety of vehicles including a work minibus, rally car, a V8 range rover and a small hatchback. Participants were taken out for two short drives, the first one driving how they would normally drive. After returning from their first outing the driving instructor then coached participants through their second drive on the same route providing advice and instructions on how to reduce fuel consumption. All 6 participants reduced their fuel consumption between the two drives.

Local Nevis Radio Manager and presenter Simon Abberley was one of those who took part in the training. He said ‘Regardless of your car all the skills could easily be transferred’. From the training he was made more aware of the impact increasing his brake distance had on his mpg.

Here are some of our top tips for driving more fuel efficiently:

  • Switch off your engine when stationary for more than a minute
  • Use a higher gear- Driving at lower revs reduces fuel consumption so change up a gear at around 2,000RPM
  • Drive Smoothly – Assess the road ahead as much as possible to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration, which increases the amount of fuel you use
  • Slow Down-Your fuel costs will increase the faster you drive so keep speeds reasonable
  • Window vs air conditioning – If you are travelling at low speed opening the windows is more efficient. If travelling at 60 miles per hour or above, closing the windows and using the air con will save you more.
  • Tyre Pressures-Under inflated tyres increase your fuel consumption and can be dangerous on the road so check them once a month and before long journeys
  • Roof racks/boxes- Having these attached to your car when they’re not being used will increase drag and increase your fuel costs
  • Lighten your load-  Remove excess items from your car before travelling to reduce weight.

If you are interested in participating in fuel efficient driver training in the future please let us know as we may be able to organize another free training day.

Energy Survey sign ups

Our CCF project is looking for 50 households for domestic energy surveys, using thermal imaging and electricity monitors to help save you money and feel more comfortable at home.

While we won’t start the surveys until winter, when the thermal imaging will effectively show any draughts or missing insulation, we are taking names down now if you wish to sign up!

Our electricity monitors also let us see where the electricity bill goes, and we can highlight the areas you can make easy changes. This doesn’t need to be difficult, most households can reduce their electricity bill by 10% quite easily! We can also offer suggestions for any improvements or additions you are looking to make this summer, we have seen lots of different systems and can point out common issues.

We also have lots of useful accessories, including draught proofing draught proofing strips which are very helpful for problem doors or old window frames, so get in touch with us at or 01397 700090.

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