Energy Saving

The current 2015-2016 project has come to an end (31st March) and we will no longer be offering these services. 

We can provide personalised information through:

Thermal Imaging

Energy Monitoring

Energy Saving Tips

Take action:

Once you understand how your household uses energy you can take some sensible steps to try and reduce that amount. This might be simple behavioural changes or accessing government finance to thermally upgrade your insulation. Whatever action you decide on you will have the support of a LEG officer for guidance.

One DIY option is draught proofing. Below you can see two images of my front door. The one on the left shows a clear cold patch at the bottom of the door (despite having a draught excluder on it). The picture on the right is exactly the same image only this time I have drawn a curtain across. Without the camera I would have presumed the draught excluder was doing a good job!

tic front doortic front door with curtain








Get involved
If you are interested in learning about your home and electricity use, and discovering how you could lower your carbon footprint and fuel bills make sure you get in touch with LEG to book your free survey. Give the office a call 01397 700 090 or send us an
and we will get in touch!