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We have put together a collection of sites and tools below which you may find useful in reducing energy use throughout your business:

101 easy ways to reduce your energy bill 

Thirteen fun resource efficiency facts 

Auditing your energy use to find savings opportunities  + Audit Template

Energy Auditing: Assesing your buildings efficiency

The Carbon Trust Newsletter provides information on upcoming events and the opportunities to register for attendance. The Carbon Trust also have a discussion board for public users to discuss issues and ideas here

Our own case study into refrigeration here

The Resource Efficient Scotland website has a substantial database of information.


Business meeting February 2016

Lochaber Environmental Group in conjunction with Lochaber Chamber of Commerce hosted a lunchtime networking event on Thursday 11th February at the Ben Nevis Distillery Visitor Centre. The theme of the event was ‘save energy, save money, save carbon’ and highlighted a range of opportunities for businesses to save money through resource efficiency ie saving energy/fuel and water in particular to reduce annual bills.  Daniel Johns gave a presentation highlighting the opportunities and support offered by Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) to help businesses identify where savings could be made and also to overcome any barriers to taking the options forward. Marian Austin, former CEO at Nevis Range, gave an insight into the benefits of energy and resource efficiency measures undertaken at Nevis Range, from the large to the small, and the importance of monitoring energy use and waste.  Lots of small improvements can add up to significant savings.

The event was well attended and covered a range of businesses, generating significant interest from attendees to look more closely at their energy and resource use.  More and more businesses are required by government regulation to provide information on their energy (carbon emissions) and water use and waste output, which has to be separated out into recycling and landfill. Currently this is confined to larger businesses but is gradually beginning to affect smaller businesses.  It was pointed out in the meeting that if your business is already monitoring these things then complying with government regulations when they do come in is much easier.

The presentations are available to view Resource Efficient Scotland  and Save carbon, save money




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