What We Do

Lochaber Environmental Group’s aim is to work to preserve, conserve and restore the environment of Lochaber for the benefit of the local communities. We also work to advance the education of Lochaber residents in the study of the environment and of waste management facilitating training and sharing advice & information. LEG is a registered Scottish Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee . We run various projects throughout Lochaber, please see the current projects section of this website for more information on our Climate Challenge Fund Lochaber Energy & Waste Project.

We work to advance the environmental education of Lochaber residents through offering training to the community in:

  • Fuel good driver training –  Free 1 hour training where you learn how to increase your mpg, reduce fuel costs & wear and tear on your brakes & tyres.
  • Bike Repair Workshops – Free classes that teach and show you how to carry out basic bike maintenance & repair to get your bike back on the road again.
  • Home composting – Offer advice, information and tips on how to start composting at home, recycling your garden and food waste
  • Household Energy Surveys –  We offer free household energy surveys to help residents lower their energy bills and use energy mor efficiently.
  • School visits – We offer school visits on topics on request or we can provide a series of classes that we have made on understanding sustainability of different materials and energy
  • Businesses- We offer businesses advice & surveys on energy efficiency and waste minimization.

Our Current Live Projects