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The climate emergency we are facing is linked to the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere.  If we are to prevent climate and ecological breakdown we have to significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

Globally, carbon emissions decreased during lockdown as people stopped travelling and shopping, but emissions are now returning to pre-lockdown levels.  In the UK, the average person’s carbon footprint is about 10 tonnes, which is equivalent to filling 24 million balloons with carbon – but this average needs to be reduced.

Find out how your carbon footprint compares with the UK average, and how it changed during lockdown with WWFs easy to use Footprint Calculator.

You might be surprised at how your carbon footprint has changed, and understanding what activities have higher carbon emissions will help you to keep your footprint lower as restrictions are removed.

If everyone makes changes to their life style – such as changes to the amount and way they travel, their diet, and energy use in the home – this will help to reduce global carbon emissions.

You can calculate your Carbon Footprint Here

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