Caol Pellet Boiler Case Study

Technology Installed :

Bio-Flame 15 Slim Wood Pellet Boiler

Generating Capacity (kW): 


Property Type and Size 

1 Bedroom bungalow – Cavity filled – concrete slabs with brick wall exterior

Installation Date: 

September 2015

What is it replacing? 

Storage Heaters

Who installed it? 

McDermott Renewables

Installation Cost:


Grant/Funding Received/Will Receive (FiTs/RHI etc.): 


Any issues encountered?

When filing the pellets in the wind and rain, the little rain that got in caused the system to clog up.

Water temperature was scolding initially, has been fixed since then.

Supplier pellet bin leaks water

System wouldn’t work for 2 days, issue was difficult to identify – Electric heaters were simpler.

Time from planning to installation? 


General Advice for those interested: 

We found that it is not suitable for older folk like ourselves. The constant carrying of bags and filling the system, often in the harsh winter weather has been quite difficult and not ideal for us.

Would you recommend the technology? 

Yes the system is great when we are not having problems. For us, the improvement over the storage heaters has been incredible and we are happy with that change alone.

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