Current Projects

Low Carbon Lochaber 2020 – 2022 funded by the Climate Challenge Fund

The Low Carbon Lochaber project encourages local food production, active travel and low carbon transport, and energy efficiency across Lochaber.

Cycling Infrastructure in Glen Nevis and Electric Bikes 2019 – 2020 funded by Cycling Scotland

LEG is improving the cycling infrastructure in Glen Nevis and promoting the use of electric bikes in Lochaber and Glen Nevis as an alternative to cars and non-assisted biking.

Fort William Bike Kitchen 2019 – 2020 funded by Paths For All – Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Programme

The  Bike Kitchen teaches bike repair skills and promotes active travel to people in and around Fort William.

Go, Grow and Glow 2018 – 2020 funded by the Climate Challenge Fund

The Go, Grow and Glow project looks at transport, food production and waste, and energy consumption across Lochaber.

Our Current Live Projects