Energy Saving Tips: Appliances 


Comparing energy use by efficiency for a tall unit:

Annual kWh Use Daily kWh use
A++ 206 0.56
A+ 270 0.74
A 408 1.2

Comparing energy use by size for an A rated fridge

Cubic Feet/Litres Style Annual kWh Use Daily kWh Use
8.2/232 Under Counter Unit 292 0.8
13.5/232 Tall Unit 409 1.12
22/623 Large Unit 524 1.4

Washing machine 

We have to keep things clean but follow these handy tips to make it as energy efficient as possible:

– Use the ECO settings or turn the temperature of the wash down

– Make sure you put in a full load each time

– Pre-soak or treat any stains or especially soiled clothes

– Switch the machine off at the wall between washes

Tumble Dryer

4 hours use per week = £100 per year


Buy a covered external rotary dryer for £100 and dry outside all year every year!


How many minutes used in one day – 

If you have 4 cups of tea every day (for one year) and it takes 2 minutes to boil the kettle 4 x 2  minutes = 8 minutes

How many hours in one year- 

8 minutes x 365 days = 2920 minutes

2920/60 (minutes in an hour) = 97.34hrs

How many kilowattts would that be –

Example kettle uses 2 kilowatts every hour 48.67 hrs x 2kW = 97.34kWh

How much would that cost- 

It costs about £0.145 per kW

97.34kW x £0.145 = £14.11

How much if you boil 3x more than needed – 

£14.11 x 3 = £42.33

Wasting £28.22 every year and releasing an extra 116kg of CO2 into the atmosphere

– Draw a mark on your kettle which you know represents 1-2 mugs worth of water so you don’t overfill it.

How Water Bottle v Electric Blanket

Boiling a 2kW kettle for 2 minutes = 70Watts (0.07kWh)

Electric blanket on for 10 minutes = 10-30Watts (0.01kWh – 0.03kWh)

Towel Rail 

Many electric towel rails just have on/off switches- but why heat your towels all night long? Have a timer attached to limit the amount of energy use.

– One rail on for 30 minutes of every hour will cost £190 per year and would require 643kg of coal to be burnt to create the required electricity.


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