Energy Saving Tips: Cooking


– Fill your oven as full as possible so as not to waste energy heating space

– Use a microwave to reheat things

– Cover pots/pans and tupperware to heat faster and more efficiently

– Re-use your water (eg. from the paste to the veg)

– Completely cool things before freezing or refrigerating

– Completely defrost things before cooking/heating

– Switch the oven off 5 minutes earlier – it will retain its heat and keep cooking anyway

– Only turn the dial to the desired temperature – it won’t heat up any faster and could waste energy

Cooking Preparation

Everyone can save a little energy in the kitchen by simply planning and thinking about the way food is heated and cooled. For instance, let your cooked food cool down before putting it in the refrigerator and let frozen food thaw before microwaving or putting it in the oven. Even keeping your refrigerator full will provide greater thermal inertia which means the compressor, which operates the refrigeration cycle, does not need to be on for as long.

Remember to only boil what you need in the kettle, even consider reusing water used for cooking pasta to cook vegetables (or cook them together in the same pot). When baking or oven roasting you can cook multiple meals together and even switch the oven off early since the oven retains heat very well when the door is closed (if you have a timer set it for 5 minutes before the food is due to come out of the oven).


Washing Dishes 

– Rinse dishes in cold water rather than wasting the hot water

– Use a basin for rinsing or washing up rather than letting the water run

– Watch out for dripping taps

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