Energy Saving Tips: Electronics 


These small tips build up to substantial savings when combined over the year.

1) Turn off your games consoles

– PlayStation, Wii or Xbox devices use up to 10 watts whilst on standby. This could save at least £12 a year.

2) LED displays

– These small displays no matter what device, consume a small amount of electricity constantly.

–  Also check the small LEDs on extension plugs and try to purchase extension plugs with individual on/off switches.

3) Laptops and Computers

– Computers (including a screen) use around 80% more electricity than laptops in a standard                running mode. You could use a powerdown plug to completely shutdown your computer as                well as all the additional peripherals when not in use.

4) Set-top Box

–  When on your freeview or satellite set-top box can use between 10-50Watts depending on the            make and model.  When on standby some systems can still use around 20 Watts (So £25                    annually even if you never use it).

5) Television

– An old style plasma TV uses more energy than a new flat screen LED and the larger your screen the higher the energy use.

– Example 1 : A 37 inch flat screen on for 4 hours everyday will use 267kWh a year costing £40.

– A TV left on standby for 20 hours a day will use 36kWh costing £5



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