Energy Saving Tips: Water

Electric Showers

Electric showers have the biggest draw of electricity in the house (about 8kW)

By cutting down from a 20 minute shower to a 5 minutes shower you could save ££££s

Minutes kW per shower kW per year*  £ per year*
20 2.6 540.8 £81.12
10 1.3 270.4 £40.56
5 0.67 135.2 £20.28

(* based on an 8kW shower, taken 4 times a week and at a cost of 15p per kWh)

Mixer Shower

It also costs money to heat the water in a mixer shower

– Why not waste less water by fixing water efficient shower heads and taps?

How much water does the average house use in a day? 

150 litres per person per day

How much could this be cut if water saving flushes, taps and showerheads were used? 

It would be cut by about a third

How much is wasted through people brushing teeth, washing hands, leaking taps, etc? 

Teeth – If you leave the tap running it wastes 6 litres per minute, so turning the tap off when brushing can save around 12-18 litres per day.

Washing hands – Very little water is wasted here but if you put in the plug instead of washing under running water, it could save around 3 litres per wash

Leaking taps – Waste at least 5,500 litres of water a year; that’s enough water wasted to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer. Mending your dripping tap washer could save you over £18 a year

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