Fuel Efficient Driving

So we all know that walking, Cycling, Lift Sharing, Public Transport, combining journeys together and everything else we do to keep cars off the road is good, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you need to jump in the car. Whether it’s a regular commute, heading to the shops, or off on a holiday it’s always nice to save a bit of money, so here are our efficient driving tips*:

  • Service regularly and check the tyres.
  • Remove excess weight and roof bars when not in use.
  • Use low revs and high gears (learn your vehicle!)
  • Avoid harsh breaking, look ahead to anticipate and slow down before needed.
  • Leave a larger gap to the vehicle in front, to allow more time and avoiding excessive breaking.
  • Avoid stopping, when save to do so, keeping the vehicle slowly rolling will save fuel.
  • Accelerate slowly and gently, you don’t loose much time, but you will save lots of fuel.
  • Windows or Air Con? Windows are better at low speed, but over about 50mph the air con is more efficient, pay attention, and turn it off when no longer needed.


FuelGood Driver training

Reading advice is good, but nothing quite beats having an instructor sitting next to you and giving tailored advice. We run several FuelGood training sessions a year and want as many people as possible to take part, the hour long session includes advice, tips and results, can be done in your own car and will help you save money. get in touch if you would like to book on to our nest session.

*These are for Efficient Driving, please remember to drive safely at all times.

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