Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging surveys cleverly highlight areas where insulation is missing or draughts are getting in. We can then use these images to help you best target insulation measures throughout your household.

For example: 

The image to the right shows missing insulation
where a patch of loft insulation has either been missed or moved. As air circulates from hot to cold this missing insulation would mean that the warmth of the house would seep through this patch of ceiling. This also adds risk of moisture collecting on the colder plaster and possibly causing damp.




living roomDraughty doors and windows can account for 15% of heat loss from your house. To the left we can see cool air filtering in from behind a window frame. By discovering where these problem areas occur householders can take simple measures to insulate and draught proof their homes, reducing heat loss and lowering bills and CO2 emissions.




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