Please note that availability of funding sources varies and may close at anytime.

Community funding sources-

Please find below a list of various community funding sources and advice networks. If you would like to talk through your ideas/plans or would like to have the LIFE project visit your building/site please don’t hesitate to call the office 01397 700 090 or email – [email protected]

Green Energy Trust-

Grant of up to 50% of the cost of installing a renewable technology (up to £25,000 but normally only £10,000). Must be value for money and include elements of community benefit and education.

Climate Challenge Fund-

The scheme provides funding for community groups to run projects that reduce their community’s carbon emissions in order to improve their local environment and our shared global environment.

CCF grants have funded community owned buildings to install energy efficient measures and community group projects to provide local energy efficiency advice. They have also funded community growing spaces and local projects to help people move away from their cars towards lower carbon transport alternatives.

The grant does not fund micro-generation installations but can fund energy efficiency improvements (insulation/draught proofing/energy efficient lightbulbs) for community buildings. Installation measures are best done alongside a programme of energy efficiency awareness raising.

Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CaRES)

CARES provides start up grant funding to help towards the costs of feasibility studies, community consultation and other preparatory costs. Up to £10,000 is available for community groups to fund non-capital aspects of a project.

The Community Buildings Grant can contribute to installing renewable technology and fund technical energy studies of the building. To qualify projects must be located in areas which fall within the lowest band of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (0-20% SIMD). In order to better support rural communities this definition is being reviewed.

Rural Development Contracts –

Rural Priorities (RDC – RP) is an integrated funding mechanism which will deliver targeted environmental, social and economic benefits.
RDCs are organised through SNH (01397 704716) and are considered under the set regional priorities. Highlands climate change mitigation priorities does include the ‘support for renewables’ package but with a focus on wood fuel.

Please click on the link below for a general information leaflet-

Community Energy Scotland-

Although not funders, they can provide information and advice: [email protected] 01349 860120

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)-

A payment made for every unit of heat generated. For current tariff rates please click here.


A payment given for every kilowatt of electricity produced and an additional payment for electricity exported.
Energy Savings Trust small business loans-
Either an interest free loan or a 5% interest rate if you intend to claim RHI or FiT payments after micro-generation installation. Requires whatever measures you choose to be installed to be recommended by a ‘qualifying report’. This is either a Green Deal assessment (see below) or a report by Resource Efficient Scotland(which they will probably do over the phone!)

Green Deal-

A brand new scheme which provides a loan to install energy efficiency measures. It requires an assessment by a Green Deal Assessor- this produces a report which will recommend suggested actions. The chosen actions need to be carried out by a Green Deal supplier and installer. They will pay the upfront costs and then claim back these costs via the electricity companies (through your bill). The loan is tied to the building rather than an individual so can be passed on to new tenants/owners.
Currently no Green Deal assessors in Lochaber. You can search for companies’ here- Here at LEG we try to co-ordinate parties who are interested in having a Green Deal assessment. By grouping together we can get an assessor to come to the area for a reasonable price.

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