Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

The Energy Company Obligation is designed to provide support (if you’re eligible) from the big six energy suppliers. The scheme was launched in 2013 and has three main parts.

The Obligations

  • Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
    • Energy companies provide insulation and heating improvements to low-income or vulnerable households. Social House tenants are not eligible.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation
    • Energy companies provide funding to insulate solid-walled properties (internal and external insulation)
    • This is not means tested and is available to all housing tenures alongside a green deal.
  • Carbon Saving Communities Obligation
    • You could be provided insulation measures if you’re living in the bottom 15 percent of the UK’s most deprived areas. This will also support low income households in rural areas.

For further information on ECO, eligibility or applications contact Home Energy Scotland – 0808 808 2282

or visit – Energy Saving Trust

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