Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland

This is a Government funded programme which aims to improve the energy efficiency levels of Scottish homes, making them warmer and more comfortable to live in. This will involve a free home energy check and the possibility of having energy efficient measures installed in your home via a grant of up to £6,500.

There are two parts to the programme: The Affordable Warmth scheme and the Energy Assistance scheme. If you qualify for Affordable Warmth you will not qualify for the Energy Assistance scheme. To be eligible you must be a homeowner or a tenant of a private landlord.

What energy efficient measures could I have installed?
• Installing or repairing a central heating system or boiler
• Draught proofing
• Installing an air source heat pump
• Insulating solid walls, cavity walls and lofts
• Providing room thermostats and heating controls
• Insulating hot and cold water tanks and pipes

What is an energy inefficient home?
An energy inefficient home is very hard to heat. This can be because it loses a lot of heat through its walls, roof and windows. It’s not just about heating systems. It’s about the make-up of the house as a whole. If a home has an insulated loft, for example, it takes less
energy for the home to get warm, and stay warm. The insulation makes the home more energy efficient. Energy efficiency is measured on a ratings scale so that different houses can be compared fairly.

How will the advisor work out if my home has a poor energy rating?
The Energy Saving Trust will estimate your home’s energy rating, based on what you tell them over the phone. If the energy rating of your home seems poor, and you meet the other criteria, they’ll refer you for a full assessment.
This means a surveyor will arrange to visit your home. They will work out your home’s actual energy rating from this survey. If the energy rating measured using the Scottish Government approved SAP energy ratings scale is sufficiently low, you may be entitled to work to improve your home.

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If you cannot access funding via this mechanism you may still be able to finance energy efficient measures via the Green Deal or the Energy Saving Trusts Home Renewables loan. Or perhaps find funding via the Green Homes Cashback scheme or the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme.

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