Renewable Energy Generation

Our aim at LEG is to cut through the jargon and provide clear information on renewable systems. Our quick reference guide below outlines what is a available, how it works and most importantly, personal advice and experiences directly from local Lochaber residents.

We strongly recommend that anyone interested in renewable technologies checks the MCS website. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is a quality assurance scheme supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). All installers and products provided here will be held to the highest quality and standards. Furthermore you must have MCS accredited installers and equipment in order to claim Feed-in-Tariff  and/or Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

Please visit here for a list of MCS accredited installers.

Please visit here for a list of MCS accredited products.


Renewable Technologies

Scotland is pushing for 100% electricity demand equivalent from renewable technologies by the year 2020.

Solar Thermal – Hot water through thermal panels

Solar PV – Electrical energy through PV panel conversion

Biomass – Hot water through wood burning stove

Wind – Electrical energy through wind turbines

Hydro – Electrical energy through small rivers/burns turning turbines

Heat Pumps – Hot water/Air through conversion of air/water or ground heat sources.

We have examples of renewable technologies installed throughout Lochaber via our case studies.

Our Current Live Projects