Adopt A Bike

In the Blue Bike Shed we are refurbishing old bikes that have been donated to us. We have a limited number of bikes ready and are repairing more as they come in, we are now looking for good homes for our bikes. Our project started in April this year and is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, we want to bring old bikes back into use and provide opportunities for people to cycle more.

If you are intersted in adopting a bike you can download an application form and return it to Christine at All our bikes are in used condition, our volunteers have been trained to repair bikes and we repair the bikes to be in good running condition and safe to use. Please bear in mind that the bikes are not in new condition and have visible or hidden wear. Our bikes have been donated by local people who no longer have a use for them, after years of sitting along in a shed we are looking for homes that will bring the bikes back out on the road!

This year we will be offering away 30 bikes, our bikes are only available on application. We want everyone to be able to afford a bike so if you are succesfully matched with a bike you can donate what you feel. Any donations are used to buy more materials to repair more bikes and train our volunteers.

Download application form here:

Application form to Adopt A Bike

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