Bike Library & Guided Rides

Borrow A Bike 

As part of our CCF funded project Low Carbon Lochaber, we are developing a library of bikes to help you get out and about on a bike, but without the hassles and expense of having to look after your own bike. The bikes will be available to borrow free of charge for a day, a week, or more if that is what you need.  We currently have three electric bikes (a Trek Powerfly 4, Raleigh Motus and Trek Verve) and a low-step Raleigh Pioneer bike, and we will continue to add bikes to the library over the coming months.

If you are thinking of buying an E bike, but you want to try before you buy, have a go on our E bikes first, they are available for loan to individuals and businesses.  E bikes provide a viable alternative to cars for daily commuting and short trips around town. You can borrow the bike for a few days or a few weeks so you can decide whether an E bike works for you and your daily routine.

As part of our Glen Nevis Cycling Infrastructure project funded by Cycling Scotland, we are also offering free guided E-Bike rides in 2020, so you can try out an E-Bike on different road and track surfaces, and we will be running E bike maintenance workshops later in the year to help you keep you bike running smoothly.

The new Bike Kitchen shed will also be home to a Bike Tool Library, which will have bike tools available for people to borrow free of charge, and it will be a great space for people to repair their bikes.

You can find out more about E-Bikes Here.

For more info about the Bike Library, guided E-bike rides and repair workshops email


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