Transport is difficult in Lochaber, no-one can disagree with that, but it doesn’t take too much effort to make a difference:

  • Short distances are easier to walk or cycle than drive.
  • Use the bus when possible, even if it only prevents 1 journey a week it still helps.
  • Plan journeys to get as many jobs done in 1 trip as possible, the first few miles in a cold car are the most polluting.
  • Sharing lifts with people, either regularly for commuting to work or occasionally for going shopping or further afield can hugely reduce the number of vehicles on the road and sharing the fuel bill helps financially.
  • Using a well maintained fuel efficient car without excess weight or unused roof bars can make a surprising difference to your fuel consumption
  • We know the big 4×4 has an important, sometimes essential, role in this region, but supermarket car parks and school gates is not where they belong. If you have the choice then take a smaller car when practical.

The important thing to remember in Lochaber is that every decision you make counts, and even if you only take an alternative to the car once a week that still makes a difference. We may not have a tram network, or underground trains every 3 minutes, or a complete network of cycle lanes, but we can still make a change, and that makes a difference.

For example, the train to Glasgow takes an hour longer than driving, but as that time can be far more relaxing and productive it may actually be a better use of your day. Make sure you have your highland railcard to get 50% off tickets between Glasgow, Oban, Mallaig and Inverness.

For anyone who wants further information on transport then there is a huge amount of information online, far too much to list here, but the following links may be helpful to you.

  • Traveline Scotland has all the the information you could ever need on public transport, including printable timetables. They also have a smartphone app which can make journey planning on the go much easier.
  • Lochaber Transport Forum has information on public transport timetables and operators in the area. they also have information on Lochaber Transport Advice and Booking Service (LTABS) and the Community Cars Scheme, which offer assistance to people who struggle to access or book normal public transport services.
  • Many journey planners can give routes using multiple modes of transport, such as cycling, the bus or by car, allowing you to compare them easily. Remember it isn’t just time that is important, walking for a couple of miles is likely to leave you happier, fitter and richer than driving the same distance.
  • We have electric car chargers in Fort William (behind Morrisons) and at the Glencoe Ski Centre, you can find further information from Charge Your Car or other charge point maps.
  • There are already some electric vehicle owners in the Highlands and some have agreed to be contacted via the energy saving trust electric vehicle network. The energy savings trust has a lot of information on electric vehicles and the grants available to help with purchase cost and installing a charger at home.
  • During our previous project a survey was conducted, targeting transportation use. You can find the results here.

Please get in touch with us in the office if you have any questions, we have more information and contacts than we can put up here and we will be happy to assist you.

Telephone: 01397 700090

email: [email protected]

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