Lochaber Initiative on Fuel and Energy (LIFE)

LIFE project 2012-2015

Lochaber Environmental Group  received funding from the Climate Challenge Fund for the LIFE project 2012-2015. The project built upon on the work done during the previous LIFE project (2011-2012) and the RENEW project before that.

The overarching aim of the project was to empower Lochaber residents to address fuel and energy issues to reduce carbon emissions, which would ultimately lead to lower fuel bills and warmer homes.

This was achieved through-

  • Free thermal imaging surveys of households to identify where they could be better insulated or draft proofed
  • The loan of an energy monitor and energy action pack to participating households so that they can better understand where they are using/wasting energy
  • Fuel efficient driver training sessions in conjunction with the Energy Saving Trust
  • Educational sessions in Lochaber schools
  • Free information regarding renewable technologies, grant or incentive schemes and suppliers within the Lochaber area
  • A renewable energy fayre

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