Transport Survey 2014 Results

In 2014 we carried out a short transport survey to help inform our work and to support a new funding application; the following results give an idea of the information we received. The funding application was successful and we will soon be running our transport competition to give an even better idea of what goes on on the roads in Lochaber.

  • The car was extremely popular for journeys of 3-5 miles. This seems to be a distance that people are unwilling to walk or cycle but is not yet long enough for them to have explored other options such as the bus or lift sharing.


  • The biggest reason people gave for not using low carbon transport was that ‘public transport is not convenient’, which is probably due to the rural nature of much of Lochaber.


  • Shopping trips involved more low carbon transport than work trips. This is probably because people are happier to take slower or less convenient transport if it’s only once a week, whereas a journey carried out 10 times a week is harder to justify doing slowly.


  • 19% of shopping trips involved some kind of ‘lift share’ arrangement, and 10% were carried out as part of another trip. This is the best way to use a car, getting lots of jobs done on a single trip with lots of people.




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